Blue Skies Equine offers a wide range of reproductive services:

  • We can assist with live cover breeding and artificial insemination using either fresh or cooled and shipped semen. If you are interested in breeding your mare using frozen semen we can assist with the initial onsite estrus cycle management.
  • We also offer sub-fertile mare management including hormonal therapy, uterine lavage, uterine infusions and caslisks sutures.
  • After your mare has been bred we offer ultrasonic pregnancy diagnosis and staging twin reductions, as well as pregnancy monitoring.

Once your foal is born we recommend having a neonatal foal examination to ensure your foal gets the best possible start in life. The foal and mare will both be examined for any potential health concerns, and the foal’s blood IgG level will be measured to confirm the foal absorbed an adequate amount of colostrum to have a strong immune system.